MATERIAL | Organic Compound

COMPATIBILITY | SHIMANO RS-785 / R517 / R515 / R315 / BR-M9000 / M9020 / M987 / BR-M8000 / M785 / M7000 / M675 / M666 / M615

US$ 11.80

DPad™ has been developed by CRODER® for exclusive use in CoRotor™ CPEO Disc Rotor series. We use a non-metallic brake pad formula to increase the overall wear resistance and decrease brake pad wear. In addition, DPad™ can decrease the noises during the braking. Using DPad™ with CoRotor™ can make the braking power comparable to regular stainless steel disc rotors. DPad™ can increase the brake power performance up to 20% which means cyclists can enjoy a safer and quieter journey with a shorter braking distance.