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Summer Cycling Offer|5% OFF DISCOUNT (1st July to 30th September)

Ceramic Pulley Wheel Kits 30% Off Discount






Brand Story




Hello, we are Oaken.

A professional bicycle care and accessories brand, developed in Germany.


We love sports, and we love cycling more

We enjoy the warmth of riding in the sunshine with full of passion!

Our bikes are our best partners


To ride with our bikes all over the world.

To have more ways to love our bikes.

To keep you and your bike partner in the best condition.

So "maintenance" is even more important to us!








Environmentally Friendly





Oaken carefully selects plant-based and biodegradable ingredients to maintain our bikes while being kinder to the environment!

In addition to high quality oils, Oaken also provide well-designed parts and accessories for bicycles.


With Oaken, you'll be able to keep your performance high at all times!