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Spring Cycling Offer|5% Off Discount|!!! ORDER NOW !!! (Until May 31st.)




CRODER SPIRIT Modular System offers a complete crank system, high compatibility and a choice of up to 9 crank length, so whether you are a junior, female or triathlete, it is easy to match your crank
with the SPIRIT Modular System. In addition, the SPIRIT Modular System is also highly compatible with different brands of gears on the market.

By the way, SPIRIT Modular Crankset also won the 2020 TPC d&i Award by iF Design.


SPIRIT Crank Fitter won the TPC d&i Award by iF Design in 2021.
This Crankset Fitting Product was developed over 18 months by the CRODER team in collaboration with many Bike Fitters to survey and understand the needs of the Bike Fitting process.
It has the largest adjustable range on the market, and can easily adjust the crank length from 140-180mm. 
It is also compatible with the Bottom Brackets of various brands of road bikes.
The biggest advantage is the "Outdoor Cycling Experience", which allows you to experience the different crank lengths in real life outdoors, clearly feeling the difference between every size of crank, making it easier to optimize your cycling experience! 


CRODER has always been an expert in the production of wheelsets and has never been absent from the wheelset market. CRODER will focus on the development of carbon wheelset and the
production of SWR, SWD, SWG, MAXSTONE and TurbinoSix wheelsets, will offer a wide range of wheel sets for Rim Brake, Disc Brake, Road Bike and Mountain Bike, as well as collaborating with CeramicSpeed to create smoother and more advanced wheelsets.


CRODER has developed many powerful and versatile products including Oversized Pulley Wheels, Chain Catcher, Front Derailleur Extenders/Spacers, Preload Rings, Tubeless Valves etc.
All of these products are manufactured by high precision CNC machined, which provides excellent quality and durability, making it easier to modify your bike.


When it comes to professional bikes, drive train components are the essential factors. With upgrading drive train, riders can ride further, decrease the tiredness, and show better performance. CRODER®
designs a brand-new series of drive train components, including modular cranksets, chainrings, Tube-Lock™ B.B. and oversized pulley wheels.
During the continuous pedaling process, drive train will be an essential
factor to determine rider's performance.

Try CRODER's brand-new drive train components, and enhance rider's performance.