The Croder Warranty guarantees to the original purchaser that Croder products are free of manufacturing defects, for the period of 2 years (wheelsets) / 1 year (components) from the date of the original purchase. The Warranty does not cover normal wear and tear, crash damage, or products that have been modified. Claims under this Warranty must be made through the retailer where the bicycle or the Croder component was purchased. Original proof of purchase is required. Claims under the Croder Warranty are assessed by Croder. We will ask you to return the product to us, with a dated proof of purchase. If the product is defective, and is covered by Warranty, Croder will repair or replace it free of charge. Croder does not offer refunds.


  • This Warranty does not apply to products that have been incorrectly installed and/or adjusted according to the respective Croder technical installation manual.
  • This Warranty does not apply to damage to the product caused by a crash, impact damage, abuse of the product, non-compliance with Croder specifications of usage or any other circumstances in which the product has been subjected to forces or loads beyond its design.
  • This Warranty does not apply normal wear and tear. Wear and tear parts are subject to damage as a result of normal use, failure to service according to Croder recommendations and/or riding or installation in conditions or applications other than recommended.
  • This Warranty shall not cover damages resulting from commercial (rental) use.
  • This Warranty does not apply normal wear and tear for bearings.
  • This Warranty does not apply normal wear and tear for spokes.
  • This Warranty does not apply normal wear and tear for CoroPads (brake pads).
  • This Warranty does not apply to damage related to a crash, impact and normal wear and tear.


  • If you wish to make a Warranty claim, please return the Croder product to the dealer where you bought it, with your dated purchase invoice.
  • Croder recommends you insure your package against damage or loss. Croder is not responsible for packages lost or damaged in transit. Please remove all accessories before shipping. Defective Croder products that are replaced under Warrant are not returned.
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