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Q1 Defective products, missing items or wrong products

     Please submit your request within seven days of receipt of goods

     and be sure to upload photos to the order message and mailbox.

     Please leave a description of your problem, our customer service

     staff will help you deal with it.

     If more than seven days will not be accepted.

     (Damage to the packaging during delivery is not considered

      a defect.)

Q2 Refund methods and refund time

      1. Payment methods other than credit card

          It takes 7 to 14 working days to complete the refund process.

          Please fill in your bank account information, we will complete therefund transfer according to

          your account details.


       2. Credit Card

           It takes 7 to 14 working days to complete the refund process, asit takes approximately 7 to 14 days to

           process between banks,and it also varies depending on the closing cycle of individualcredit cards,

           which may affect the completion time of refunds

   (negative items may be listed on the next bill).

   ⚫ Once you have received an email notification that your refund has been completed,

        please login to your membership

   ⚫ Oaken website to check the details.No refunds will be made for the promotional

       coupon / giftvoucher used for the order

Q3 Returns cannot be made under the following circumstances:

       1. The seven-day return period has expired.

       2. The product has been unpacked and used or the original packaging has not been maintained.

       3. The product has been used or man-made stains, etc.

       4. Accessories of the product are lost or damaged

Q4 Defective and non-defective identification

       Defective ➔ Bottle breakage, oil leaks, abnormal/broken parts, etc.

       Non-defective ➔ Apparel, gloves and hats with threads, slight unstitched, chromatic difference in photos,

                                     special stitching are not considered as defective.

       For plastic and metal items, minor factory stains, scratches, scuffs, raw edges, unevenness or

       non-usefulness are not considered as defective.

Q5 Products will not be installed

       Welcome to ask the customer service staff, we will provide the dealership which have install service,

       but you will be responsible for salary or other related issues.

Q6 Return Shipping Charges

The shipping cost will be deducted from your refund. Alternatively, you can use your own shipping method. 


 If the shipping rate on Oaken's official website is changed, the refund rate will also be adjusted