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Return Policy

Oaken provides the internaional area (exclude Taiwan area) members with the rightsto enjoy a seven-day appreciation period (the appreciation period is not atrial period, if you receive any unsatisfactory products after inspection, please do not open them and use them) , and immediately handle the returnaccording to the return regulations) If you want to return or exchange theproduct, please be sure to contact the customer service staff within 7 days andfill in the return application form to provide the purchase order number forreturn matters (the returned product must be in a new condition and keep thecomplete package )

Please fill in the "Return Application Form" so that the customer service staff can handle the return for you

Instructions for return application

1. All of our products are brand new, please record the entire process when opening and ensure that the products are

free from defects. 

2. Problems with use or operation 🡺 Please read the product description and feel free to contact customer service,

who will assist you with troubleshooting.

3. Defective products or shipping errors 🡺 Please send the video to customer service and wait for the customer

service staff to reply, we will reply as soon as possible to solveyour questions.

4. Returns 🡺 Items can be returned within 7 days of receipt, one free return per order, no returns will be accepted

beyond 7 days (if additional items arereturned within 7 days, please bear the shipping costs by yourself.) 

Product discounts cannot be combined with orders.

Please be sure to fill in the "Return Application Form"

Be sure to fill in the name, email, phone number, order number and the reason for return on

the return application form. If you pay by means other than credit card, you need to fill

in the remittance account

5. Please return the product in the original packaging that was used by our company. Please do not lose, damage, or

make any writing on the outside of the packaging, partial returns are not accepted, please send it in the original

packaging back

6. The returned product must include all the products of the order (including gifts, invoices, etc.) If all the contents of

the order package are not properly packaged and returned, you will need to pay for postage at your own expense.

7. When your return request is approved, the delivery staff will retrieve the goods from the delivery address you filled

in, and we will bear the logistics cost

8. Please note that appreciation period is not a trial period!

9. If the order value of the product does not meet the free shipping threshold due to return, the shipping charge

of the original order will be added to the return for refund.

If the original order amount does not meet the free shipping threshold and the shipping fee has been charged,

the "original shipping fee is not refundable".

10. The used coupon will no longer be valid after the checkout is completed, and the coupon cannot be retrieved after

the return application is established.

11. Return Methods

The shipping cost will be deducted from your refund. Alternatively, you can use your own shipping method.

12. Refunds will be made within 7 to 14 working days (excluding holidays) after receipt of your return package.

If you have any objection to the refund, please contact our customer service within 7 days of the refund.

We will not process any objection about the refund after this period.

13. When you agree to return an item, you are agreeing to the above return instructions.

Inability to handle returns

1.The appreciation period has exceeded 7 days

2. Any item in the order to be returned has been opened

(For example: the outer plastic film has been torn)

3. The returned product is different from the order

4. All goods (including gifts) in this order are not returned and packaged properly

5. The remittance account number is incorrect

6. Failure to send back a paper invoice

(The customer service will contact you for the supplement of the invoice, and the postage

for the supplement will be absorbed by you)

7. Within 10 working days after submitting the return application form, we cannot contact you

due to obvious problems with filling in the information

8. After we have arranged to pick up the item, but the delivery staff cannot successfully collect

the item after visiting 3 times.