【Tube-Lock】BB86/92 for ID 24mm



SHELL LENGTH | 86 mm (Road) / 92 mm (MTB)


SPECIFICATION | Ceramic Bearing

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Ceramic Bearing
Steel Bearing
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Bottom Bracket (B.B.) is always an essential component. A set of highly effective and smooth B.B. plays a main role in increasing pedaling performance and efficiency. CRODER® B.B. series are all produced with high-precision full CNC process and also integrates new technology to improve the performance and competitiveness.

CRODER® B.B. has 5 characteristics which are:

→ Tube-Lock™ Installation

→ Tool Easy-In Design

→ Layered Corner Technology

→ G5 Ceramic Bearings

→ Superior Durability

Layered Corner™ Technology: CRODER’s exclusive layered corner technology can effectively reduce friction and noises between the B.B. and the bike’s frame shell parts.

G5 Ceramic Bearings: The ceramic bearings are made of G5 Si3N4 ceramic balls and they are also made in Taiwan. The weight of ceramic bearings is 40% lighter than the weight of steel bearings. Besides, ceramic bearings can provide better protection with wear and rust. It also has an anti-corrosion function that makes bearings more durable.

CRODER® also corresponds to mainstream SHIMANO, SRAM and ROTOR cranksets on the market. Thus, cyclists can choose regular steel bearings or ceramic bearings to match their needs. Our customers can find the perfect B.B. products that fit their needs in CRODER® B.B. series.

【Tube-Lock】BB86/92 for ID 24mm
【Tube-Lock】BB86/92 for ID 24mm