CoRotor Carbon CPEO


WEIGHT | 68g (140mm) / 86g (160mm)


| AL7075 Alloy Braking Band

| CPEO Coating

| Carbon / AL7075 Alloy Carrier

TYPE | Floating Disc

COLOR | Black


NT$ 2,250
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Utilizing a floating disc design, CoRotor™ CPEO made of AL7075 rotor series is a brand new series. Matched with CRODER® unique CPEO surface treatment, the braking bend has a black ceramic coated surface to make the rotors light and durable (60g / 140mm pc). CoRotor™ CPEO only comes in 140mm and 160mm. The center carrier comes in AL7075 and carbon fiber composite materials. We used CRODER® Dpad™ brake pads to test and the result of testing is the coating is still wear-resistant after 8,000 braking actions in the laboratory. The CPEO coating can effectively increase the braking power. Compared with regular CoRotor™ disc rotors, CoRotor™ CPEO increases 20% in braking power to shorten the braking distance and give a safer riding experience. What’s more, hydraulic disc brakes often have excessively high brake temperatures which would lower the brake performance and damage rotors. CPEO coating can effectively dissipate heat to lower the risk of rotor damage.

CoRotor Carbon CPEO